Tom Kolossa, independent ICT Expert
EU R&D proposals evaluator, projects reviewer
Budapest, Hungary

I have already more than ten years of experience in the evaluation of EU proposals mainly in ICT for Trust & Security (FP7 and ICT PSP) and as a reviewer in running EC projects. I've worked in eGovernment, digital content management and digital language technologies. My identity number in the EC expert database (CORDIS/EMM) is: EX2002B062558.

My keywords: ICT for Trust & Security, Digital Identity Management, Privacy, Critical Information Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Open Data, Big Data, Digital Content Management, Digital Language Technologies, Database Planning and Management, Semantic Web, Open Data Technologies, IT Strategies, Database Management, Project Planning and Management, Knowledge Management, eGovernment, eBusiness.

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Between 2006 and 2010, I was a seconded national expert at the DG INFSO (today DG Connect) of the European Commission within the ICT for Trust & Security Unit where I had the chance to learn how professionals prepare the Calls for proposals, how the officials of the European Commission organize the process. I had help to prepare the linked international conferences, the dissemination activity within the Member States, contributed to the evaluation process and took part in the administrative support of running projects.

Before 2006, I led the secretariat of the Interministerial Committee responsible for the Hungarian Information Society Strategy in the Hungarian Ministry of Informatics and Communication. Previously I had worked at several companies as project manager and database developer including the management of the first Hungarian GIS programme at the old OMFB.

From 1986 to 2003 I was journalist in information technology. My best years linked me to the Computerworld-Számítástechnika, the Computer Panorama, and finally to the BYTE Hungary. The latter was a highly respected monthly licensed from USA, and I was fortunate to be the first editor-in-chief. In this time period, I became a registered expert of the Janos von Neumann Computer Science Society.

Originally, I studied machine engineering (CNC programming). My favorite activities are reading, biking, skiing, playing table tennis and DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY. But my most favourite hobby is still today the computer. I believe that information society will soon lead us to knowledge society - whether we want it or not. Although it is a popular topic, only a few people see clearly how information society is much more than simply a collection of information technologies. Technology is only a tool. The aim is the added value which can be achieved by these tools - in health care, agriculture, transport or even governance. This will be even clearer in the near future, when the BIG DATA will create new economy.

"If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow."
John Dewey