The place of the evaluation is in the white building in the middle

Why is it important to get expert consultation?

  • Because only the best proposals have the chance to get European funding for R&D.
  • Because the best proposals are based on the knowledge of all details of the Calls.
  • Because the best proposals must suit the objectives very well.
  • Because the best proposals need comprehensive, exhaustive, time consuming efforts.
  • Because the pre-evaluation provided from an experienced expert significantly enhances the chance to win.
  • Because the success is not only about some hundreds thousand or million Euros but also is about competitiveness

There is no guarantee to win, of course, since three or five experts can have different opinions. But with the pre-evaluation, there is a chance to elevate the level of detachment. Important note: the expert participating the preparation or pre-evaluation of the proposal is not permitted to evaluate the submitted proposal!


Surveying, general information, Calls consideration, preparations

max. 8 hours


Details of selected Call, preparation of tasks list, project


Pre-evaluation of completed proposal

Based on official process.


Participation in preparation of project & proposal

Partner search, negotiations about tasks, timing, competencies, responsibilities etc., proposal drafting

Fee/day, min. 20 workdays

If outside of Budapest, additional costs (travel, accommodation, per diem) should be calculated.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
Benjamin Franklin

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